Last Call

NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Last Call Date Time
564 Zero unit token operations in smart contracts Matthew DeLorenzo, Vae Vecturne Yes Wed, 21 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000
573 Blanket exemptions for custom fee collectors Michael Tinker Yes Tue, 27 Sep 2022 07:00:00 +0000

Council Review

NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
542 Payer-sponsored auto-account creation with HTS assets Michael Tinker Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
22 ZKP-based Selective Attribute Disclosure in the DID SDK Maurizio Binello, Tim McHale No


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
11 Layer-2 Smart Contract Network Bryce Doganer, Lucas Henning No
13 Hedera Name Service H. Bart No
173 Opt-in merged scheduling Michael Tinker, Anirudh Ghanta Yes
179 External Transaction Signing for SDK and other clients Danno Ferrin No
198 Ledger ID Leemon Baird Yes
254 Swift SDK Soochul Yang No
27 DID improvements to offer a broader support and interoperability for the Hedera DID method Jo Vercammen No
30 CAIP Identifiers for the Hedera Network Danno Ferrin No
323 C SDK Greg Scullard, Romain Menetrier No
338 Signature and Wallet Providers Daniel Akhterov No
351 Add UtilPrngTransaction Jaewook Kim, Leemon Baird Yes
372 Entity Auto-Renewals and Expiry Window Leemon Baird, Nosh Mody, Quan Nguyen Yes
376 Support Approve/Allowance/transferFrom standard calls from ERC20 and ERC721 Stoyan Panayotov Yes
394 Add Expected Decimal Information to TokenMint, TokenBurn, and TokenWipeAccount Ryan Leckey Yes
406 Staking Leemon Baird Yes
410 Wrapping Ethereum Transaction Bytes in a Hedera Transaction Danno Ferrin Yes
415 Introduction Of Blocks Daniel Ivanov, Ivan Kavaldzhiev, Steven Sheehy Yes
423 Long Term Scheduled Transactions Patrick Staton Yes
435 Record Stream V6 Stoyan Panayotov Yes
449 Record stream specification for expiring smart contracts Michael Tinker, Steven Sheehy Yes
475 Exchange rate system contract Michael Tinker Yes
482 JSON-RPC Relay Mitchell Martin, Steven Sheehy No
513 Smart Contract Traceability Extension Stoyan Panayotov, Mustafa Uzun Yes
514 Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract Token Management Functions Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
1 Hedera Improvement Proposal Process Ken Anderson, Serg Metelin, Simi Hunjan No
213 Application Signs for End User Justin Atwell, Greg Scullard No
405 Fungible Token Metadata JSON Schema Paul Madsen, Cooper Kunz No
412 NFT Token Metadata JSON Schema v2 May Chan No


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
15 Address Checksum Leemon Baird Yes
16 Entity Auto-Renewal Leemon Baird, Nosh Mody, Quan Nguyen Yes
17 Non-Fungible Tokens Daniel Ivanov Yes
171 Add Message Sender's Account Id to Mirror Node API Response John Conway Yes
18 Custom Hedera Token Service Fees Cooper Kunz, Rahul Kothari Yes
185 Smart Contract Service Gas Based Throttling Danno Ferrin Yes
19 Decentralized Identifiers in Memo Fields Nick White, Jonathan Padilla, Atticus Francken, Steve Frenkel, Alex McComb, Daniel Norkin No
206 Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract for Hedera SmartContract Service Danno Ferrin Yes
21 Free network info query Simi Hunjan Yes
218 Smart Contract interactions with Hedera Token Accounts Danno Ferrin Yes
222 Support ECDSA(secp256k1) keys Michael Tinker Yes
226 Mirror Node Contract Execution Results REST API Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes
227 Mirror Node Search Contract Execution Log REST API Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes
23 Make the need for token association opt-in Gerbert Vandenberghe Yes
24 Pause feature on Hedera Token Service [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Yes
25 On-disk Virtual Merkle Tree Richard Bair, Jasper Potts Yes
26 Migrate Smart Contract Service EVM to Hyperledger Besu EVM Daniel Ivanov, Danno Ferrin Yes
28 Guardian Type Solution Matthew Smithies, Wes Geisenberger, Serg Metelin, Ken Anderson, Daniel Norkin, Prernaa Agarwal No
29 JavaScript DID SDK Daniel Norkin No
31 Add Token Transfer Decimal Information Chris Campbell Yes
32 Auto Account Creation Leemon Baird Yes
329 Support CREATE2 opcode Michael Tinker Yes
33 Add Network ID Field to Info Responses Simi Hunjan, David Matusevich, Leemon Baird, Mark Williamson, Alex Popowycz Yes
331 Mirror REST NFT info balance endpoint May Chan Yes
336 Approval and Allowance API for Tokens Albert Tam Yes
358 Allow Token Create Through Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract Stoyan Panayotov, Dimitar Dinev Yes
367 Unlimited Token Associations Per Account Anirudh Ghanta Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
478 Interoperability Between Smart Contracts and the HCS John Conway, Walter Hernandez No


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
478 Interoperability Between Smart Contracts and the HCS John Conway, Walter Hernandez No


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval
10 Token Metadata JSON Schema Sam Wood, Susan Chan, Stephanie Yi, Khoa Luong No
14 Token Hold Functionality Fernando Paris, Fernando Paris Yes
20 Standardized URI scheme to reference Hedera data Khoa Luong, Sam Wood, Stephanie Yi, Declan Fox Yes
260 Smart Contract Traceability Danno Ferrin Yes