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Author Soochul Yang
Status Accepted
Needs Council Approval No
Review period ends Tue, 04 Jan 2022 07:00:00 +0000
Type Standards Track
Category Application
Created 2021-12-01
Updated 2021-12-17


The Hedera Hashgraph supports various SDKs for different programming languages but swift which is for iOS. iOS takes large amount of volumes on mobile world.


When in an implementation scenario, it’s good to have options for development team especially in iOS platform. So far to implement iOS wallet supporing Hedera Hashgraph, developers should use protobufs or other language wrapper. It is not effective in terms of performance and platform usability.


Hedera SDK for swift should provide every API available in Hedera SDK for JAVA

Backwards Compatibility

No issues.

Security Implications

No issues.

How to Teach This

It would be great if this SDK includes example codes for implementations. For example:

  • CreateAccount
  • sendTransaction
  • getTransactionReceipt
  • Etc.

Reference Implementation

Reference implementation can be found in Hedera Java SDK repo.

Rejected Ideas


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