A mirror node runs software designed to retrieve all, or some of the records generated by the Hedera consensus nodes and make those records available to users in a way that is meaningful, reliable, and trustworthy. HIPs in this category propose enhancements to mirror nodes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Release
584 Mirror EVM Archive Node Ivan Kavaldzhiev, Mustafa Uzun Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Release
331 Mirror REST NFT info balance endpoint May Chan Yes v0.51
227 Mirror Node Search Contract Execution Log REST API Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes v0.47
226 Mirror Node Contract Execution Results REST API Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes v0.46
171 Add Message Sender's Account Id to Mirror Node API Response John Conway Yes
21 Free network info query Simi Hunjan Yes v0.22.0