Hedera services sit on top of the Core node software and provide the functionalities that are accessed by users. These currently include the File Service, Consensus Service, Token Service, and Smart Contract Service. HIPs in the "Service" category are used to add to or improve the service-layer of Hedera. These types of features are implemented on Hedera consensus nodes.


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Release
796 Lockable Fractional Amounts of Fungible Tokens on Hedera Sam Wood, Stephanie Yi, Eleonora Odorizzi, Vicky Lio Yes
794 Sunsetting Balance File Michael Heinrichs Yes
765 NFT Collection Token Metadata Field Mike Abrams Yes
756 Contract Scheduled Token Create Nana Essilfie-Conduah, Luke Lee Yes
755 Schedule Service System Contract Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes
729 Contract Accounts Nonce Externalization Miroslav Gatsanoga Yes
719 Associate and Dissociate Tokens via Facade Contract Luke Lee Yes
646 Fungible Token Metadata Field May Chan Yes
639 Errata records Michael Tinker Yes
632 Hedera Account Service (HAS) System Contract Nana Essilfie-Conduah, Luke Lee Yes
631 Account Virtual Addresses Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes
540 Change Or Remove Existing Keys From A Token Cooper Kunz, Justyn Spooner Yes
423 Long Term Scheduled Transactions Patrick Staton Yes
394 Add Expected Decimal Information to TokenMint, TokenBurn, and TokenWipeAccount Ryan Leckey Yes
173 Opt-in merged scheduling Michael Tinker, Anirudh Ghanta Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Release
583 Expand alias support in CryptoCreate & CryptoTransfer Transactions Nana Essilfie-Conduah, Richard Bair, Luke Lee Yes v0.37.0
573 Blanket exemptions for custom fee collectors Michael Tinker Yes v0.31.0
564 Zero unit token operations in smart contracts Matthew DeLorenzo, Vae Vecturne Yes v0.31.0
542 Payer-sponsored auto-account creation with HTS assets Michael Tinker Yes v0.31.0
514 Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract Token Management Functions Nana Essilfie-Conduah Yes v0.29.0
513 Smart Contract Traceability Extension Stoyan Panayotov, Mustafa Uzun, Steven Sheehy Yes v0.36.0
475 Exchange rate system contract Michael Tinker Yes v0.26.0
449 Record stream specification for expiring smart contracts Michael Tinker, Steven Sheehy Yes v0.29.0
435 Record Stream V6 Stoyan Panayotov Yes v0.28.0
376 Support Approve/Allowance/transferFrom standard calls from ERC20 and ERC721 Stoyan Panayotov Yes v0.26.0
372 Entity Auto-Renewals and Expiry Window Leemon Baird, Nosh Mody, Quan Nguyen Yes
367 Unlimited Token Associations Per Account Anirudh Ghanta Yes v0.25.0
358 Allow Token Create Through Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract Stoyan Panayotov, Dimitar Dinev Yes v0.25.0
351 Add UtilPrngTransaction Jaewook Kim, Leemon Baird Yes v0.28.0
336 Approval and Allowance API for Tokens Albert Tam Yes v0.25.0
329 Support CREATE2 opcode Michael Tinker Yes v0.23.0
222 Support ECDSA(secp256k1) keys Michael Tinker Yes v0.21.0
218 Smart Contract interactions with Hedera Token Accounts Danno Ferrin Yes v0.24.0
206 Hedera Token Service Precompiled Contract for Hedera SmartContract Service Danno Ferrin Yes v0.22.0
185 Smart Contract Service Gas Based Throttling Danno Ferrin Yes v0.22.0
33 Add Network ID Field to Info Responses Simi Hunjan, David Matusevich, Leemon Baird, Mark Williamson, Alex Popowycz Yes v0.22.0
32 Auto Account Creation Leemon Baird Yes v0.21.0
31 Add Token Transfer Decimal Information Chris Campbell Yes v0.22.0
26 Migrate Smart Contract Service EVM to Hyperledger Besu EVM Daniel Ivanov, Danno Ferrin Yes v0.22.0
24 Pause feature on Hedera Token Service [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] Yes v0.19.0
23 Make the need for token association opt-in Gerbert Vandenberghe Yes v0.19.0
18 Custom Hedera Token Service Fees Cooper Kunz, Rahul Kothari Yes v0.16.0
17 Non-Fungible Tokens Daniel Ivanov Yes v0.17.2
16 Entity Auto-Renewal Leemon Baird, Nosh Mody, Quan Nguyen Yes


NumberTitleAuthorNeeds Council Approval Release
260 Smart Contract Traceability Danno Ferrin Yes
20 Standardized URI scheme to reference Hedera data Khoa Luong, Sam Wood, Stephanie Yi, Declan Fox Yes
14 Token Hold Functionality Fernando Paris, Fernando Paris Yes